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Recommended: My Top Picks for Podcasts

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

I love me a good podcast and have learnt so much from listening to leading doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, and psychologists on the podcasts that I tune into. They're accessible, convenient and contain loads of helpful digestible in formation. Here are some of my favourite podcasts to listen to.

Mindbodygreen is my go to for all things wellness, it’s one of the first resources I landed on when I started my wellness journey and is one that I haven’t stopped consulting. The mindbodygreen podcast features host Jason Wachob, founder & co-CEO of mindbodygreen, engaging in open, honest conversations with the people shaping the world of well-being. From doctors and nutritionists to energy healers and astrologists, mindbodygreen covers it all. 

If you haven’t heard about Goop yet you should check it out! Goop is a modern lifestyle brand that was started by Gwyneth Paltrow. It’s all about providing cutting-edge wellness advice from doctors, vetted travel recommendations, and a curated shop of clean beauty, fashion, and home. It’s podcast is one of my favourites with episodes on society and culture, health and wellness, relationships, and spirituality. There’s truly something here for everyone.

Dr. Hyman is a practicing family physician and an internationally recognized leader, speaker, educator, and advocate in the field of Functional Medicine. In his podcast, he explores concepts around using food as medicine to heal and prevent chronic illness, promote longevity, and contribute to mental health and happiness. He also shines light on our medical and food industries and how they are contributing to our overall health.

Esther Perel is a revolutionary psychotherapist and relationship expert who uncovers the meaning, emotions and roots behind the interactions we have with our romantic partners. Through her podcast, you get a glimpse into her therapy sessions with real couples undergoing significant challenges in their relationship with each other. “It is a place for us to listen and feel empowered in our own relationships.”  You don’t want to miss it!

Liz Moody is a long time writer, editor and recipe developer for websites such as mindbodygreen and goop. In her podcast she chats with top professionals in the industry who are living their best life to share what’s helped them achieve health, success and happiness. 

The Enhanced Life podcast is brought to you by Organika, a Natural Wellness and Beauty Company and wellness advocate. With Aaron Chin their CEO and Rhiannon Lytle R.H.N, they dig into all things surrounding healthy living in an engaging and approachable way to help listeners live their best life.  

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